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Photo by Brad Geyer @bradcantsleep

Meet Miranda

Songwriter | Musician | Open-mic Host | Consultant 

Trapped in an Irish Drinking Song

Once upon a time, Miranda Hardy worked at a big fancy advertising agency in New York City. Before and after work (and, okay, fine, sometimes during) she would make up little songs about her day to help take the edge off. Then one day, suddenly she had the urge to challenge herself to compose an entire album, despite never before writing a serious song...

Her first album, "Reverie," might have started as a creative project, but the release ended up garnering attention within the Folk Alliance community, getting radio airplay and over 14 thousand Spotify listens. Recorded in under two days, the straightforward production lets the spotlight shine on Hardy's songwriting in its purest form. Poetic lyrics about everything from Tiki Bars to climate change pair with catchy melodies that highlight dynamic harmonies sung by Hardy's sister, Morgan Hardy.  Hardy's latest release, "Trapped in an Irish Drinking Song" was tied for #1 on the FAI Folk DJ radio charts in March for the week of St. Patrick's Day.

Hardy has begun to amass a TikTok following for her songwriting, where she writes songs by request and offers tips to encourage confidence and craft in the next generation of songwriters. She even garnered media attention for one of her Taylor Swift parodies about the Ticketmaster site crash, getting picked up by both the Today Show and Vox.

While Hardy seems to only be getting started with her songwriting career, she's no stranger to music. She grew up touring alongside singer/songwriter Jack Hardy, from NYC venues to small pubs in Ireland. 

Hardy now holds a monthly residency at Dive 106 in New York City where she runs a Songwriter Night, encouraging others to gather, support local artists, and share their latest songs. Hardy follows her father's mantra of writing a song a week, leaving her with a constant influx of content to share.

Her sophomore album, "The Price of Happiness" will be out May 31st, with the title track dropping May 3rd. The album is a catchy blend of folk-pop, and explores the trade-offs made while chasing happiness, a lesson Hardy is learning in real-time.


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