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"Miranda's poetic lyric style leaves room for personal interpretation and an ever-evolving listening experience"

- someone someday probably 

I hope you find your own meanings in these lyrics. However, if desired, you can consider the thoughts on the "about" page as a starting point.

Lyrics: Welcome
Christmas Tree.jpg

Christmas Tree

I chopped down a Christmas tree

I took the life it’s given me

My smile creeps in like ivy

I strung it up with pretty lights 

They come and go 

But hypnotize me every single time 

This holiday energy

Is making me believe

There’s more to love than loss

Melts the ice in my eyes

It always makes me cry

Every year this time 

Every wish I’ve thought of you  

And if I dared I’d make them true  

But I’m terrified to choose you 

What you get you get to lose

And I can’t bare any more bad news

It hurts to breathe sometimes 

I know it’s better to lose

Then never have what you’ve

Wanted out of love 

Still shivers from the snow 

Remind me of my ghosts

And I’m so sick of loss

It seems to me

Nothing here ever lasts too long  

This Christmas tree 

Is shining but it’s already gone

Lyrics: About Us

It's a Doggie Blue Christmas

You brought in a mini tree 

But it’s not even a place to pee 

This Christmas 

This Christmas 

You hung me up a giant sock 

But I can’t reach to chew it up 

This Christmas 

This Christmas 

I don’t need expensive gifts 

Just a few dog butts to sniff 

Maybe just one squeaky toy

A treat for good girls and boys

You said it’s the best time of year 

And then packed up to leave me here

This Christmas 

This Christmas 

Forget holiday vacations 

To Tropical destinations 

Why can’t you just relax 

With me snuggled on your lap 

I don’t need no Santa clause 

To dress my little doggie paws

In miniature festive holiday boots 

just wanna spend my time with you 

It wouldn’t take a lot from you 

To get me through my doggie blues 

This Christmas 

This Christmas 

with you 

Lyrics: About Us



living like a relic dulling in its sheath 

shining velvet, sharpened underneath 

difference of opinion, resistance pulling threads 

i’m still spinning quarters, slapping hand to head 

waiting like a felon sharpening his teeth 

reasons for redemption falling out of reach 

wintered paths to heaven, seasons churn in bed 

in my living quarters resting like the dead 

how am I to figure this out 

when all I ever do is doubt 

turn on the TV to tune out the hell 

it’s just getting louder as far as I can tell 

tripping on my laces, chances slip from mind

can’t tie up loose ends losin' my paid time 

sort through fact from visions fictitiously fed

drawing out the act with superstitions in my head 

how am I to figure this out 

when all I ever do is doubt

turn on the TV to tune out the hell 

it’s just getting harder as far as I can tell

i just keep forgetting to write my prospects down 

might as well be listing things for crossing out 

heard its all subjective so now I’ve finally cracked 

ripping down my effigy - we’ll see if I react 

how am I to figure this out 

when all I ever do is doubt 

turn on the TV to tune out the hell 

i’m just getting started as far as I can tell


is this how it plays out? we fall to less than friends?

drift apart ‘til we sink down, riptide with no defense 

i still picture it now - the end matching intent

retrospectively I doubt we could ever be strangers again

i haven’t heard your name in long stretches of time

don’t know if you’re alone, don’t know if you’re alive 

not sure why i care, the paints already dry 

keep on thinking back to nights when you were mine 

there’s nothing I write down that’s makin sense to send 

silently I’m drowning out feelings with my thoughts again 

repeat chorus

memorizing you like you’d always be around 

everything I knew is nothing useful now 

new moon rising blue

sky reflects the ground framing history

a passé masterpiece the tide pulled out 

repeat chorus


i know a place lit like the sunshine 

where ships get wrecked to no surprise  
happens all the time

blueberry skies, red watermelon
rum in disguise under umbrellas
find some peace of mind in concrete paradise 

need a little sunshine on this island
life’s a beach but you can’t find it
i know what you’re seeking, it’s not far
meet me at the tiki bar 
here’s a punchline to get you laughing
fruity rum and lime is what you’re lacking
i know how you feel, shit gets hard
meet me at the tiki bar 

i know you hate rush hour traffic
i know you cry when straws are plastic  
happens all the time  

red sunset fades to dark blue water
saw a mermaid 

i almost caught her to apologize for the rising tide

repeat chorus 

sweet sweet sugar rush, fruity fruity rum
drinks sneak up on us - and another one
sweet sweet sugar rush, fruity fruity punch
day sneaks away from us - and another one

repeat chorus 


wedding guests get impressed

tearing up over love and fate

bridesmaid in a scarlet dress

red roses wilt on white cake

when they know, they know

when they don’t they guess

bet your money on her

she’ll end up in a white dress 

but i loved you first

i know your worth

rehearsal nights rehearsing fights 

you know practice makes perfect

too late to question fate

your best man’s your best chance to tell you it’s worth it 

when you know, you know

when you don’t you guess 

put your honey in a church 

bring something to confess 

that you loved me first

you know my worth

misery loves compromise 

they’ll stick together on the course 

predictable like the sunrise - 

is there anything much worse?

ditch the toast, drive up the coast 

make it to the beach by morning

take this road, wherever it goes

ignore the signs, just for the story 

hold my tongue through the ceremony 

exchanging stolen glances 

riding through uncharted territory 

count me out for lawless romances 

when i know, i know

when i don’t i guess

put my money on you 

ended up in a red dress 

cus i knew her first

i know her worth

I knew her first


i line up my feet on checkered tile floor
right, left, repeat - i’ve kept this pace before
fast lane with slow gain, losing what I've got

silence fills the room 'cause I’m not listening
sparks that light my fuse fizzle as I sink
small talk with big thoughts suppressed as I’m taught

feel it day by day
take it as a warning
things won’t be the same even if I hurry
passing time with pastel skies that paint the pond blush  
i stop to feed the ducks 

deep breath in the park just to play pretend
lie there till the dark creeps on in again
succumb to everyone following the crumbs

feel it day by day
take it as a warning
things won’t be the same even if I worry
and race away the darker days
time's too quick to rush
i stop to feed the ducks 

stuck on my last words, poisoning my peace
struck right where it hurts, "i'm burdened when you bleed"
replay what I’d say if time went in reverse 

feel it day by day
take it as a warning
things won’t be the same even if i’m sorry
just yesterday i saw your face close enough to touch
we stopped to feed the ducks 
at least i fed the ducks 


looking out your dirty window 

past tells you what you need to see

young charmer with a knack for control 

the venomous breed 

locked and loaded black widow 

world spins around you 

watching lonely on your nightly patrol

crave a bite of something new 

i know you 

the kind of villain who don’t make it to the news

she went out displaying that dress

and your best friend told you she’s no lady 

you don’t doubt her motive’s to tempt

and you’re not one to keep waiting 

creepin in, a hollow hunter 

claiming prey is what nature’s for

dark decisions mark your pattern 

like the stripes mark the skirts you’ve torn 

i know you 

the kind of villain who don’t make it to the news

she said no but you bet she meant yes 

‘cause your daddy taught you to be persuasive

took her home just to give it your best

while she can’t stop you, too faded 

(i know you)

always leave your victims dazed and used 

i can see the venom, veins start to bruise

i know you 

the kind of villain who don’t make it to the news 

i know you 

leave your victims feeling dazed and used

i know you 

see the venom in their veins start to bruise

i know you


how deep is it in my mind 

can’t rid of monsters that you can’t find 

crimson berries on low vines

poisonous until they’re ripe

i guess this is my reality 

you couldn’t stay that long

didn’t realize when you called me

you were already gone 

reliving reshaped memories, 

few pointless fantasies 

i’m only human - defined by my delusions 

flying on my flight of fancy

how far is it to the borderline

can’t run from monsters if you can’t hide 

show me signs like peace of mind 

bitter sweet on the rind 

i guess the sky has been storming

couldn’t say how long

i didn’t realize when you warned me

you had already moved on

reliving reshaped memories 

few pointless fantasies 

i’m only human - content in my confusion  

flying on my flight of fancy

the air is thicker when it’s all mine

can’t rid of monsters that you don’t mind 

how long can this hold on to me 

are there tricks to sanity

stuck in lost realities, misconstrued eternities 

i’m only human - convinced of my conclusions 

flying on my flight of fancy


barefoot in the mud 

just someone dressed in calico

stone wallflower stance

i was never much 

but enough to catch your straying eyes 

that take what they can

you were chewin’ straw grass 

didn’t ask what’s growin’ on your mind 

i’d already seen you hummin’ to yourself 

like you don’t care ‘bout nobody else 

or how bad they bleed

weeds on the wall 

might as well build them up with stone

stack odds evenly

cowards hide at home dreamin' hard 

while cowboys freely roam 

with no one to please 

with no one to be

played a lion’s game in the barn 

you batted me like yarn

tried to provoke 

i knew the rules, didn’t dare 

give in to you or else

you’d play me alone 

slow seep from the oil 

on your ivy skin that spreads wildly

tangled in your moods 

that swing like we used to do

on my porch love seat

weeds on the wall 

might as well build them up with stones

stack odds evenly

cowards hide at home dreamin' hard 

while cowboys freely roam 

with no where to be 

with no one to be

think of us 

when the dust settles from your run 

as a fading roan 

drink from your rusted can 

in your callused hand 

cornered back home 

weeds on the wall 

might as well build them up with stones

stack odds evenly

cowards hide at home dreamin' hard 

while cowboys freely roam 

with no one to be 


the cracks in the floor 

keep letting her in

beers in the bathtub

but the ice is getting thin 

says she misses New York 

but doesn’t make the effort

he keeps the wine uncorked

trying to forget her

now roxy’s smoking cigarettes 

on the hallway stairs 

hearing folk music cassettes 

answering her prayers

take it slow, ride it out 

stick with the local line

headin all the way downtown 

back to number nine 

sing a sad slow song 

dancin in the village 

where the one comes along 

every other minute 

it’s just a gray dog 

chasin that fat cat 

rip up your pay stub 

throw that pickled shot back 

strike up the band  

deal out a deck of cards 

he’ll show his hand’s 

missing the jack of hearts 

but roxy’s smoking cigarettes 

in the hallway

hearing folk music cassettes 

answering her heartbreak

repeat chorus

it’s been a few months 

since she’s opened this door  

but stepping in 

things are just as before 

he’s trading his chores 

for pints in the pub 

wishes on a penny  

with dishes in the bathtub 

and roxy’s smoking cigarettes 

in the stairwell 

hearing folk music cassettes

singing her farewell

repeat chorus


you left me out in the rain 

then hung me out to dry 

since that night things aren’t the same 

you don’t even try 

every time you come around 

you prop me up to knock me down

but when you cross the line

i’m on the other side

this isn’t my fault

you’re the one who chooses when I fall

so sick of blaming you 

when sticks and stones hit skulls and bones 

you break apart my splinter heart

is it the beer or the whisky that’s got you out of bounds?

don’t you see that you miss me when I stand my ground?

you crave that sound when we collide 

you need the power that comes with the crown you’ve been denied 

every time you’ve tried 

you’ve fallen off to the dark side 

repeat chorus

if this is all just a game to you, who will win this time?

when you play do you aim or do you just not have a type?

are you feeling bitter?

are you committed or playing with her?

well we’ll see who gets hurt while my heart’s in splinters 

this isn’t my fault

you’re the one who chooses when I fall

so sick of blaming you 

this game you play is give and take

after all you’ve put me through

you know I’m playing too 

my splinter heart


why’d you leave just to crawl right back?

i’m on my knees feeling under attack 

you watch me sleep, but I’m not sleeping too

i can’t believe i’m back next to you

what is it about this bedroom

that you keep on coming back to?

keep messing with my head

you know I’m doin fine without you

you look like someone

someone I once knew from a time I can’t return to

so I can’t trust you

sorry if I hurt you 

it’s the state of mind i’m falling into

but I’m stronger this time 

repeat chorus 


i know you were there last night

i see you lying by her side

i don’t know why you’re here now

nothing on this earth seems to keep you away 

is it even worth the price I'd pay?

I’d ask you to go but I don’t know how 

i feel a chill and i lose my cool

you’re one of a million and i’m just a fool 

repeat chorus 

maybe it’s your eyes

or the way you creep into my life

and I can’t sleep


is this fickle fate a fairytale meant for someone else? 
i only catch the waves when the ship has sailed
can't reconcile myself

i’m always too hot, too cold, never just right
don’t feel those fall days when summer calls to say goodbye

is this my alternative ending?
i don’t believe in fairytales
in another narrative pretending
i deserve better than to fail

i fall to nightmares like a fatal snare weaving wicked spells
miscall my affairs 'cause they don’t play fair
don’t recognize myself

usually too used to being used
suddenly the story becomes too good to be true

repeat chorus 

since when does heaven sing me angelic songs?
right when i tether myself to my fate, i fear i won’t belong

did you mislead me with ancient alchemy?
only here to tease me like a juliet balcony

repeat chorus 


if kindling sparks in the forest 

with no one there to see

extinguishing the darkness

would it still ignite me 

open eyes try to stop it 

‘cause money grows on trees 

cataclysmic knocking 

one, two, three 

haze rolls in, slowly, smoking

slipping from poetry to prose 

and I know it’s not new news 

hot summer simmers to an end

high temper dry enough to spread 

remember it’s too late to mend 

when fire embers seek revenge 

apologies come with excuses 

no remorse, no regrets 

gaslighting fuses 

lining our defense

the burnout overcomes me

i follow where it lets me go 

and I know it’s nowhere new 

repeat chorus

the cold front dances in, bitter wind 

frozen branches, wax-dipped 

wicker lit low 

and I hope there’s somewhere new


too free to fail 

white oaks will grow 

in cold night air 

through late spring snow 

past the tree line 

the air flows thinner 

glow like tea lights’

fragile flicker 

slowing your trail

fade in shadow

show life plays fair

all wanes to close 

cast out a fight 

praying like sinners

preordained plight 

taut traps trigger 

last one more night 

wishing in whispers 

settle to quiet 

bare no winners 

once running wild

you now stand still

again a child

free of free will


pleased to meet ya 

i’m not a people pleaser

but ill make you feel right at home

things might get choppy 

like black belt karate 

i’ll knock you out as friend or foe 

don’t mean to be offensive

just have one question -

is this divine intervention for me?

you say you’re scheming  

i say you’re dreaming 

only lightening strikes me down 

you say potato

i say fettuccini alfredo -

since you’re tryin to take me out 

don’t mean to be offensive

just have one question -

is this divine intervention for me?

cus I’m feelin' like a god

i cannot be stopped

show me if you’ve got that immaculate touch

believe it or not

i’m the one calling these shots 

i'll draw on two - your mind is blown

it might be magic

like King Arthur’s talent

i’ll pull the sword right from the stone 

don’t mean to be offensive

just have one question -

is this divine intervention for me?

repeat chorus

said i'd stick to three?

keep it low key?

doesn’t sound like me 

must have been another bitch

up tight, doesn’t live it up right, 

coward of the night, 

high strung like a kite -

some girls good but some girls should 

get high on something light,

sip all night, liver in a fight - 

limits out of sight and I’m out of my mind

turn up tonight or fall behind

let’s get lit, a little devine 

is it next drink o’clock already?

i mix it up a lot, get ready

i have chosen to drink poison 

matchin' boys in lederhosen

clinking glasses singing, "ein posit" 

i like grass and grape and grain

can’t hold back I’m fannin' this flame

runnin' this game, chuggig' like a train

funny, I was gonna stick to seltzer keep it tame

oh god im feelin' great and

don’t tell me this nights forsaken

goin down like swoosh - that’s a free throw, 

gonna pay for it though,

pray for me tomorrow 

repeat chorus


repeat song

five dollar chicken makes ya hot

honey check-in at the front

for some loco coco

slamming' rum time

pink wave for subway surfing

lady liberty be workin'

concrete jungle bird-watchin'

with a twist of lime

ooo-nana havana clubbin'

chase us down if rum you runnin'

never-sleeping city

just a broadway castaway

navy strength killing' pain

floating' by them hurricanes

combin' all these beaches 

'cause these chicks on holiday

Music & Lyrics ©2021 Miranda Hardy Music (BMI)

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